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This website has up to date pictures of the Charlotte F.D. engines, ladders, rescues, cars, boats, etc. The next time you visit this website, look in the Updates section to the right of this page. They are usually updated on a Friday.

When you’re on a page, you will find a unit name in either bold or italic. Bold means it’s in service. Italic is the unit is no longer in service.

I am currently working on the antiques, and USAR page. The information for Stations 17 & 41 are current to the best of my knowledge.

If you see any wrong information, problems, questions or comments please let me know in an email. Place “CFD Trucks” in the subject box: steven.j.williams.87@gmail.com  Trust me you will want to do that, I still collect junk email.

If you have any photos of old apparatus and would like to add them to this website, send an email. It would be best to use photos with no people in it, but I know that’s not always possible. All credit will be to you or the photographer if you know that information. I WILL NOT ACCEPT PLAGIARISM. Do not steal someone elses work, thinking I’ll give you credit.

Since I am a member of CFD, this is part of there internet policy:                        “This website is independently operated and maintained. Any information contained on this site is not endorsed or approved by the Charlotte Fire Department. The views presented do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Charlotte Fire Department, City of Charlotte, or its leadership. Questionable, dishonest, or other inappropriate content may be reported to Charlotte Fire Department Administration at 704-336-4174”.

Again please send me info on any problems before contacting CFD.

Ok enough reading now enjoy the pictures.

Cover 2018

On my photos I put the website address in it to protect my work. On the old website people would copy my photo, edit it and make it look like it’s their work. That is why the website address is close to the vehicles, to prevent any editing.

If you want some photos for a project, PowerPoint presentation, create a timeline of your career or for the station, etc., I will gladly give you the original photos. I do not sell these pictures in anyway, shape or form, so don’t ask.

One more thing, you will see photos with information on them in the bottom right (example RE-82 old E-12). These were taken before June 2008. That month I lost the original photos from a computer virus. Luckily these were online so I saved them.

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